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Our mission? With a founder-centric approach we connect and empower startups to grow and sustain a productive tech community.


Our vision’s vision is a well-connected and self-empowering tech ecosystem.  We take on the mission of being a ‘catalyst’
to contribute to this future.

BOLD Community

A curated community of top founders & CxOs in NL helping each other grow.

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      The Scale Lab Podcast

      Hosts Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson discuss the opportunities and hurdles of scaling a tech startup in the Netherlands.


        Startup stories, learnings and insights.


          Insights and data on the latest startup trends.
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            • Curious about how Dutch tech entrepreneurs make global impact?

              Tech is indispensable in our lives. Without tech, no green economy, solar panels or windmills. No heart monitor in the hospital. No access to healthcare, clean drinking water and healthy food. Dutch tech entrepreneurs are resourceful and hold the solutions for a better future. We need them. It's time to choose. Find incredible Dutch tech stories via the link below.

            • Read report State of Dutch Tech 2023

              The 7 key focus areas that are vital to unlocking the true power of Dutch tech:

              1. Realigning strategic tech policy
              2. Supporting Deeptech
              3. Increasing capital
              4. Developing & attracting more talent
              5. Growing the base
              6. Boosting regional development
              7. Connecting the community
            • BOLD Kick-off Aftermovie

              On May 12th, 2022 we officially kickstarted ‘BOLD’ – a hand-picked community of Dutch scale-up founders and CXOs who are committed to helping each other grow, supported by top leaders in tech, who want to give back to the ecosystem. See some highlights in our aftermovie.

            • NEW: ALL-IN video series by

              A 7 episode series that explores the personal entrepreneurial journey of ambitious Dutch tech founders and business leaders. Watch the videos, get inspired and go all in on Rise, our programme for the next generation of serious tech entrepreneurs.

            • Interview: How Sid Sijbrandij redefined the world of SaaS with GitLab

              In the first episode of season #2 of The Scale Lab, our hosts - Constantijn and Joe - welcome Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and co-founder of GitLab, at the studio. Some highlights of the discussion: Sid shares his entrepreneurial journey from being a submarine engineer to becoming the CEO & co-founder of GitLab; he discusses the importance of strong company values in a remote work environment, and how transparency plays a crucial role in GitLab's competitiveness. 

            • Thinking Bigger: How ambitious is the Dutch entrepreneur?

              Is the culture of ‘just act normal, that is crazy enough as it is’ limiting Dutch entrepreneurs? Are groups of entrepreneurs similar in age, education, and gender missing opportunities? Can entrepreneurial experience circumvent this cultural barrier? We've partnered up with Utrecht University School of Economics to explore the largest global dataset on entrepreneurship, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, to answer these questions as part of this report.

            • The Scale Lab podcast

              The Scale Lab is a podcast on how to scale up your startup beyond the Netherlands. Hosted by Constantijn van Oranje and Joe Wilson, this podcast series gathers remarkable Dutch entrepreneurs who were able to create breakthrough startups to deconstruct their scaling journeys. 

            • Let's #KickstartNL, read our election manifesto

              Signed by over 200+ investors, startups and ecosystem builders, read our #KickstartNL manifesto to understand our collaborative vision for the future of the Dutch Startup Ecosystem and the policy changes we see having an impact!

            • Check our vacancies and make an impact on the startup ecosystem

              Our team is dedicated to make the Netherlands “a unicorn nation”. We help the next generation of tech leaders with unique programmes and resources to provide founders of tech companies access to technology, talent, capital and markets. 

            • Artificial Intelligence Startups & Scaleups in the Netherlands 2021 Report

              This report provides research insights into the level of AI adoption within the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands and contains a selection of hurdles AI companies face in the Health sector.

            • Market Expansion Report: Energy Edition

              Find out how scaleups and startups can expand abroad while further flattening the climate curve. 

            • 285 Startup Solutions for the Energy Transition

              Discover the bidbook Startup Solutions for the Energy Transition, containing the profiles of 285 green startups. Ranging from agriculture to wind power to the next big thing in urban living.

            • Gender Diversity in the Netherlands Report

              This report addresses gender diversity in the Dutch startup landscape. We analysed over 1,500 startups and VCs using data from our partner Dealroomshows to further conclude how great the need for a more diverse startup ecosystem is.

            • COL Impact Survey Report - June 2021 (in Dutch)

              This report provides an update, as per June 2021, on the Corona Bridging Loan (COL) survey that has conducted to assess the level of extra support needed for companies that have recently received the COL.