Diverse Leaders in Tech

Welcome to Diverse Leaders in Tech - a world-class network of like-minded peers on a mission to create a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.


Who is Diverse Leaders in Tech for?

We welcome all intersectional  leaders in the Dutch tech sector. This community is a perfect fit for a startup founder with 10 new hires, a CxO at the helm of a 100 people scale-up and a director who is part of a 10.000 employee tech giant. And if you are a leader in academia, don’t be shy. All people who lead people and consider themselves ‘exceptional in tech’ are welcome to join.

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Why a community?

In an industry that has historically excluded people who do not fit the norm, we believe if your identity is the exception, and you lead in tech, you are pretty exceptional. We are a community of communities that surpasses gender, skin color, sexual orientation and more, to create a new norm that not only challenges, but can actually change the status quo.

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What to expect?

We offer a safe space to connect with peers on a professional, personal, and purpose-driven level. Through co-created media, impactful events, inspiring gatherings and actionable DEI tools, we cater to tech leaders who are looking for a sense of belonging, want to elevate their identity as a superpower, and have a desire to contribute to a mission that goes beyond their individual leadership. Expect Inclusion. Expect Ambition. Expect the Exceptional.

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Activities DLiT

> Once a year we connect the community at a members-only summit where we set our goals for the future. 

> We host a second impact event for the broader ecosystem to share our annual research report, activate decision makers and celebrate our progress.

> During the year community members host intimate dinners and breakfast sessions for leaders to connect locally.

> Our DEI business enablement team facilitates ‘always on’ activation through our webinars, podcasts, (mentorship)programs and partnerships.

Kick-off event

March 30th was a monumental day for intersectional leaders in the Netherlands. We came together with more than 150 leaders in tech to kick off a new movement. There are lots of learnings from the outcomes of this collaboration, which will serve as the starting point to make the tech sector more diverse and inclusive by 2030.

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Our Manifesto

During the kick-off event, we formulated 10 ambitions to tackle pressing DEI challenges in our industry. The Manifesto resulting from our learnings will serve as the foundation for creating meaningful change in the tech industry, driving the mission of Diverse Leaders in Tech forward.

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What our members say

Ready to meet some game-changing leaders in tech? Our community is filled with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, all united by a passion for driving diversity and inclusion in tech forward. Let's learn from each other's strengths and build stronger, more diverse and inclusive companies. 

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