Flatten the Climate Curve LP/GP Investor Summit

The Netherlands is home to a great number of startups & scaleups that relentlessly work towards curbing climate change. Despite their massive contributions towards reducing global emissions, their growth is slowed down by various challenges, including access to smart capital. Both VCs and companies themselves recognise the challenge of connecting to the right partners as well as the shortage of available capital in the Netherlands overall. This is why we decided to make a change. We bring together top international and Dutch investors to collaborate and help climate heroes scale. It's time to redefine capitalism.

Key details:

When: December 10th @17.00 CET/11 am EST – 19.30 CET/1 pm EST

Where: Virtual attendance (invitation only), a video replay of the event is available here.

Who: Top international and Dutch investors with high engagement and proven, active investment in technologies that help flatten the climate curve.

Why: Connect top international and Dutch investors to address the current challenges faced by Dutch energy startups and scaleups. Facilitate open dialogue and knowledge sharing as a foundation for long-term collaboration on improving the growth climate for the Dutch tech ecosystem.

To get more insights into the reasons behind organising this event and the far-reaching impact we expect from it, check our blog article.


17:00 - 17:03   Kick off to event/agenda overview
17:03 - 17:10    Introduction + Panel intro
17:10 - 17:30    Panel: Collaborate to invest more & smarter in innovation and climate
17:33 - 17:43    ART PIECE reveal
17:44 - 17:54    Keynote speech: Rebecca Henderson
17:55 - 18:05    Break
18:06 - 18:14    Transition/intro keynote
18:15 - 18:25     Keynote speech: Larry Fink
18:28 - 18:48    Panel: Re-Imagine Capitalism to Flatten the Climate Curve & key takeaways
18:48 - 18:52    Key takeaways/intro Fireside/logistics
18:52 - 19:07    Fireside 1
19:07 - 19:22    Fireside 2
19:22 - 19:27    Outro/closing

Speakers lineup:

Including keynote speakers and panel participants


Rebecca Henderson

John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard Business School, Author of Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire


Larry Fink

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock


Christof Kutscher

Executive Chairman at HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management


Christina Karapataki

Investor at Breakthrough Energy Ventures (investing in companies that leverage innovative technologies to help address climate change);


Elin Fälted

Capital Specialist,


Pär-Jörgen Pärson

General Partner at Northzone. Led investments in Spotify,, and many other tech startups.


Lizanne Atherly

Founder at Minds2Capital, Tech Talks for Family Offices, tech investor. 


Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

Envoy at


Aurore Belfrage

Founder at Sustechable, tech investor, political and sustainability advisor


Michael van Swaaij

Former CEO/Chairman at Skype and Ebay


Mariette Doornekamp

Board member at ABP


Dr. Finian Tan

Founder & Chairman at Vickers Venture Partners and Vickers Financial Group


Francis Quint

Global Head Corporate Investment at Rabobank


Sebastiaan Ranner

Senior Fund Manager at MN Invest 


Robert Vis

CEO at Messagebird


Jochen Wermuth

Co-Founder at Climate Endowment Group; co-founder of WAM - advising German sovereign wealth fund on investing long term and sustainably


Taco Carlier

CEO at VanMoof


Maurice van Tilburg

Managing Director & Director Capital at Techleapnl

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