Artificial Intelligence Startups & Scaleups in the Netherlands 2021 Report

This report provides an overview of the Dutch artificial intelligence startups and scaleups in 2021. More specifically, it outlines the trends of broad & deep AI adoption within the ecosystem, the extent to which Dutch AI companies contribute to creating more jobs, and presents data on the amount of investment those companies get in comparison to their counterparts in the US and in other EU countries. In addition to the insights based on research data, the report contains a selection of hurdles AI companies face in the Health sector. This is to highlight that certain sectors in the AI startup ecosystem would not only benefit from additional investment, but also from clearing out systematic bottlenecks in order to create a thriving ecosystem for AI.

Table of contents:

  • At a Glance: pg 5
  • Startups & Scaleups: pg 6 & pg 11
  • Investments: pg 13
  • Investors: pg 16
  • How this report was made: pg 19

Watch a video with a short recap of the key bottlenecks