The Startup Employment Report 2020

The second edition of our report on Dutch startup jobs in partnership with and CBRE finds that startups are the number one job growth engine in the Netherlands. Startups account for higher job growth than any individual sector and have shown strong resilience during COVID-19.

This report allows us to discover in much greater detail the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. It is built around 3 focus areas:

  • Jobs at Dutch Startups, Scaleups & Grownups: the role startups play in each province's growth; what the startups' distribution is across the country; employment sectors with the highest potential;
  • COVID-19 Impact: how Dutch startups have overcome corona-induced challenges;
  • Venture capital, power laws, and startup jobs: the role VC investments have in determining startups' growth trajectory.

For the latest insights on the Dutch startup employment landscape during COVID-19, download our Startup Employment Report below.