Connector for Ventures

In short

We select high tech and deeptech companies that have a new developed technology. The Connector adds most value for companies whose founders are looking to raise >€2MIL within the next 18 months and want to expand their markets and grow internationally. We onboard new ventures on a rolling basis.


The Criteria

The Connector is meant for a deeptech venture that:

  • Has a HQ in the Netherlands
  • Has been founded after 2014
  • Develops a key technology that is considered as high-tech / deeptech 
  • Preferably with a hardware focus
  • VC-fundable
  • Has raised initial funding

After your application an international jury of Deeptech experts and investors will assess your fit with the Connector and community based on the following aspects:

  • Team
  • Scalability
  • Market readiness
  • IP and/or uniqueness of the technology
  • Investability
Join the connector

How does it work?

  1. Apply and get invited for an interview 
  2. In case we see a match, you receive additional questions and share your pitch deck after which our international jury judges your company 
  3. You join our curated Connector network 
  4. Join knowledge sessions and our annual flagship investor event
  5. Build and maintain relations
  6. Raise next investment round with your established investor network


  • Deep tech ventures or also known as knowledge-intensive ventures in the academic world are companies that leverage new technologies. These ventures can come directly from universities or they are spun off from existing companies and research organisations. Deep tech ventures have high potential due to their breakthrough science thus having the potential to revolutionise the industry by creating new industry verticals; examples of these are photonics technologies which created solar-powered transportation and artificial intelligence which accelerated automatisation and processes. However, they are also characterised as capital intensive and risky due to their longer runaway to market application.

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  • Within the Connector we share your profile with investors that match your industry and ticket size. If the investors sees a match we share additional information such as your pitch deck.

  • In case you are making progress or if there are changes we should be aware of, please share this with us via

  • Investors are contacted and added to the Connector on a rolling basis. With every new industry or company, a new outreach is done. Do you have any investor suggestions? Feel free to contact us via

  • After we have shared your company profile with the investor and they are interested, they will reach out to you directly.

  • We organize 6 capital knowledge events per year where you can meet one of our investors and like-minded entrepreneurs. In addition we organize our annual deeptech capital event in which you have an additional opportunity to meet, maintain and build relations with (inter)national deeptech investors.

  • We will invite all of the ventures part of our network by email and share a calendar invite with you.

  • How to internally prepare for investment (pitch deck, story telling, strategy and captable restructuring), investor insights (understanding the investor’s perspective, insights on fund structure, available funding and fund timeline), demystifying fundraising (negotiation dynamics, dealterm understanding and guidance, types of funding), market insights (current trends, international insights).

  • Yes, Techleap organizes an annual deeptech capital event where investors can meet other investors to enable co-investments. Connector founders are also invited here. Once you are part of our network you will be invited per email.