Connector for Startups

In short

We select high tech and deeptech companies that have a new developed technology. The Connector adds most value for companies whose founders are looking to raise Series A, B or C (€5M+) within the next 18 months and want to expand their markets and grow internationally. Every 2 months we have our selection process to admit new companies into the Connector.


The Criteria

The Connector is meant for start- and scaleup founders with companies that: 

  • Have been founded after 2012
  • Have their HQ in NL
  • Have raised initial funding  (grants/ seed/ pre-series A)
  • Are looking to raise Series-A in the next two years
  • Focus on hardware (health tech, deep tech, etc.) 

After your application an international jury of Deep Tech experts & investors will assess your fit with the Connector platform and community based on the following aspects:

  • Team
  • Scalability
  • Market readiness
  • IP and/or uniqueness of the technology
  • Investability

We  advise to ensure good visibility and explanation of these aspects in the data and pitchdeck during your application, to enhance your chances of admission into the platform.

Join the connector

We focus on Deep Tech, such as:

  • Quantum computing
  • Advanced materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Semiconductors
  • Robotics
  • Biotech
  • Photonics & electronics

If your company is focused on any of these technologies, the chance is very high you will meet the deeptech criteria and as such, you can apply right away.


We also like:

  • Energy generation & storage
  • Medtech
  • Healthtech
  • Cutting-edge AI
  • Hardware platforms (drones, AR, VR)
  • Spacetech
  • IoT
  • 3D printing

If your company is focussed on any of these technologies, we would like to chat with you to assess if it fits our deep tech focus.

Sign up


  • Within the Connector we are sharing your profile in two components, before and after you approve an investor request. 

    Click here for detailed information
  • Login on the Connector and go to “Add deal details”. You can update your deal and committed funding here. 

  • Investors are contacted and added to the Connector on a rolling basis. With every new industry of companies, a new outreach is done. Do you have any investor suggestions? Feel free to contact us via

  • Login on the Connector and go to “My Application” in the right hand corner. Click the edit buttons and update your information accordingly. Be aware that not all fields are editable.

  • This process consists of 3 consequential steps:

    1. Login on the Connector and go to “Add deal details”, edit your deal status to “successful close” or “canceled” and save. 
    2. Go to “My application” in the right-hand corner of the menu and use the “new funding request” button
    3. Fill in your data and press save. You have just updated your funding request.

  • Based on your primary metrics and team profile, an investor is interested to see your pitch deck and learn more about your business. By approving an information request, you share your complete company profile with the investor. Thereafter, you receive the investor’s contact details after which it is expected you reach out to them for further connection.