Meet the Supervisory Board

We're really excited to share with you the members of our brand new Supervisory Board and the role that they will play. We're lucky in the Netherlands to have lots of experienced entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, and corporates who want to continue helping grow the ecosystem they helped establish. With that being said joining our all-star board will be Corinne Vigreux (co-founder of TomTom and founder of Codam College), Steven Schuurman (founder Elastic), Gillian Tans (Chairwoman, Jaap Beernink (Novel-T) and Maarten Camps (Secretary-General Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate). As our supervisory board, the members will help shape our strategy and actively provide advice on the key decisions we make. We're extremely thankful to the board members for giving up their time to help make the Netherlands the best place to scale a startup. The board's experience is second to none when it comes to understanding the best climate for startup success and they will be vital in helping us achieve our ambitious goals. Find out more about our board members below.


Corinne Vigreux

Corinne Vigreux is a Co-Founder of TomTom, the navigation technologies company that continues to create cutting edge innovations that solve mobility problems and address the challenges of autonomous driving and smart cities.

As one of the top fifty most inspirational women in European tech, Corinne champions women in the workforce and passionately advocates for improved social mobility through education. She launched the new tuition-free Coding College in Amsterdam, CODAM, based on the pioneering work of Ecole 42 in Paris.

She is a member of the supervisory board of NV, a member of the supervisory board of the Dutch National Opera & Ballet, and an advisor to the Amsterdam Economic Board.


Gillian Tans

As’s Chairwoman, Gillian Tans advises the company’s leadership on the long-term vision and operations for the business as well as key growth initiatives. Previously, Gillian served as’s President and Chief Executive Officer, a role she was appointed to in 2016, following her experience as Chief Operating Officer as well as other positions at the helm of’s Global Sales, Operations, IT, Content and Customer Care departments. Under her leadership, has advanced its operations and sales across more than 225 countries and territories around the world.


Steven Schuurman

Founder & former CEO of the company behind Elasticsearch, the innovative and advanced open-source distributed search engine. Elastic successfully went public in 2018 and has a market cap of over $5 Billion, making it one of the Netherlands' most successful startups to date.

Schuurman is also a Board Member at Orange11, former CEO and owner of Orange11 (acquired by Trifork in 2012), Co-Founder of the internationally renowned Open Source software vendor SpringSource (acquired by VMware in 2009), one of the most successful open-source companies in history.


Jaap Beernink

Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO at Novel-T, a leading ecosystem builder in Europe fostering a culture of regional innovation and entrepreneurship. They've already created 11,000 new jobs, helped internationally upscale business cases in the SME sector, and a large number of young growth companies that are set to become international players.  

Beernink has also been the chairman of the Twente Technology Circle (TKT) since 2011, and he has been a member of the Twente Economic Development Board (Twente Board) since 2014. The Twente Board brings together businesses, research institutes, and educational institutions to give direction to the region’s economic development. He is also a member of the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Early Stage Funding investment committee.


Maarten Camps

Maarten Camps is Secretary-General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. He held various senior positions at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.
At the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, he held the position of Director-General for Employment from 2008 until 2013. From 2005 until 2007 he was chairman of the Employment Committee (EMCO) of the European Union. From January 2016 until July 2017 he was chairman of the European High-Level Group for Competitiveness and Growth. Maarten Camps studied economics at the University of Tilburg and Exeter.

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